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Once Upon a Time Horse and Carriage
Once Upon a Time Horse and Carriage began in the spring of 2013, when I purchased my own carriage after working for another horse drawn carriage company for four years as a hired hand with weddings, hayrides, and special events, but I loved working weddings. Bringing the bride in a beautiful white vis-a-vis horse drawn carriage and seeing her get out and start down the aisle is as close to Disney Magic as you can get outside of Orlando.

Horses have been in my blood since I was six years old. I grew up with mules, plows, pulling horses, buggies, ponies, and carts. Horse and Harness work together as a wonderful machine providing pulling and breaking ​​for the carriage, but this in not what most people see, they see a romantic mode of transportation from a by-gone era. To me horses smell like home.  Having a horse and carriage at your special event adds a touch of fairy tale fantasy. Horse drawn carriages are from a bygone era, but provide the the present day rider a wonderful journey through time.  

On the day of your event we wash and groom our draft horse weather permitting.  Our carriage is housed in our garage which keeps it in superior condition, but it too is washed and cleaned for your special event. My husband Keith and myself are your driver and footman. We dress in black tuxedo tail coats, white tux shirts, black vest, black bow ties, and black top hats. During warm months we do not wear our full tail tux coats.  Decoration is most welcomed for the horse and carriage but all attachments must not harm or damage the carriage or the horse, we will be happy to assist in guidance and advice. On the day of your event we transport the horse in a sixteen foot three horse gooseneck trailer pulled by a 250 crew cab truck. The carriage is loaded onto a 6ft x 12ft trailer to transported by a second vehicle. We do require a little space to park and set up. This can be a parking lot close by to your event not necessary at the event itself. We welcome you to come out and see our horses and carriage to confirm for yourself the quality of our animals and equipment and our dedication to quality service. Pre-event or engagement photos are also available by appointment.

Give us a call, text, or drop us an email and let us add a touch of magic to your special day!

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Ever wonder how our horse and carriage travel?  Here's how we hit the road!